Electronic Giving
Electronic Giving is available at Christ the King!

Option-1:  Use your bank payment system or bill pay. 
  • Set up Christ the King, 100 W Michigan, Palatine, IL as a “Payee”
  • Use “Make Payments” and Christ the King as the Payee
  • Specify Amount and Frequency
The Option-1 service is usually free. 

Option-2: The tithe.ly electronic giving service for churches. 

You can donate to Christ the King by clicking on the above green button.  
The direct link to donate is here:  https://tithe.ly/give?c=1265444
  • Specify the amount you wish to donate.
  • Click on the checkbox to activate Recurring Giving and specify the period.
  • Choose whether you wish to contribute from a credit/debit card or via ACH from your bank. 
  • Enter the credit/debit card information or the ACH routing and account numbers.
The Option-2 service costs: 
  • 1% of the amount for ACH EFT bank account transfers plus 30 cents per transaction, or
  • 2.9% of the amount for credit/debit card transactions plus 30 cents per transaction. 
Also available on Tithe.ly website or download the Tithe.ly app from the Android or Apple iOS app store.