Parents' Day Out



Starting Children at age 2 with a positive and caring social experience.

Christ the King Evangelical Lutheran Church's early childhood programs are Christ-centered, which offer organized care for children 2-5 years of age. Our goal is to provide a caring, safe environment for the young children left in our care. We wish to offer parents a worry free time away from their children, so they may return refreshed and ready to continue the important task of loving and raising their children.

Offered on Tuesday and Thursday
Program begins in September and ends in May.  Register by Session

Program hours are 9.30a-12 Noon; Lunch Bunch ($10/day extra) until 1.oop
Children ages 2 to 5 years spend their day in our roomy and safe preschool center. 
(Children need not be toilet taught)

We provide a stimulating, fun, and friendly environment. Our PDO room offers a variety of interest centers and activities. Children may choose to play in our dramatic living area; build with blocks in our block corner; play with puzzles at the fine motor table; listen to a story in our quiet corner; or play with homemade playdoh at the messy table. Each week the children are offered an art activity.

Open registration for new families begins immediately. The registration fee is non-refundable.  There are multiple child discounts.  eMail .   First month is September.

PDO Tuition Rates per 9 week Session.  There is no extra charge for Palatine non-residency.

PDO Tuesdays
$153.00/session (9 weeks)
PDO Thursdays
$153.00/session (9 weeks)

Both Days

Lunch Bunch extension

$306/session (9 weeks)


Second Child, 50% off.  Third Child, free. 

There is a $55 non-refundable registration fee per child ($60 after June 1).

  • Session 1:  September -November
  • Session 2:  November -February 
  • Session 3:  February-April
  • Session 4:  April-May*
  • *tuition rates reduced for Session 4
  • All coupons expired as of 9/13


Parent Drop-Off (Free time in centers)
Clean-up (Wash Hands, Hello Circle Time)
Free Play and Discovery Time (Art and Interest Centers)

Pray to Jesus

Quiet Time/ Read Books

Playground, or Indoor large motor Activity

Get Ready to go Home

Parent pick-up hugs and kisses - We missed you!!!

Lunch Bunch:  children bring a sack lunch and enjoy a picnic atmosphere for an hour longer.

For more information, or to schedule a visit, call Jody @ (847)358-0230.  The staff is Christian, experienced, DCFS approved and ECE certified.
Parent's Day Out is a ministry of Christ the King Ev. Lutheran Church.  Please eMail for information or to register.

Jody Nieman (BS Master of Education ages 0-6), Miss Belinda, Miss Julie - Your Loving Staff.  RATIO is 4/5:1, child:teacher.