Pastor and Staff

Parish Staff
Rev. Thomas J. Schultz, pastor
BA, MDiv
100 W Michigan Ave
Palatine, IL 60067. 

 Pastor at Prayer
847/358-0230 CHURCH
847/963-0135 PARSONAGE
Fax: (847) 358-0989


Church Secretary, Susan Storelli
Preschool Director, Jody Nieman (BA M.Ed)
Director of Parish Music, Kathryn Brodin


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Parish Almanac
Demographics: Mixed 
Service: Liturgical 
Locale: Suburban 
Attendance: <199



Mission Statement

CHURCH MISSION: This church exists to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ in worship, music, the arts, theology, Christian training, and life all to the glory of God the Father.


"WELS" is the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, a world-wide Lutheran church body founded in Milwaukee,WI in 1850. The WELS is in church fellowship with the Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference, 16 Lutheran synods across the globe exalting Christ with faithful doctrine, fervent love and acts of charity as God alone gives us strength. In North America, we share blessed church fellowship with the Evangelical Lutheran Synod, headquartered in Mankato, MN. As a part of the Holy Christian Church, believers in the WELS share Christian fellowship with all the saints in heaven and on earth. In the spirit of the gospel we seek to express the blessed Christian fellowship with churches and individuals based upon all the teachings of Jesus and the unity expressed in the Book of Concord. This is biblical ecumenism and our fervent prayer!

Whether you were raised Roman Catholic, protestant or Lutheran, or even in no religion at all, and if you are looking to get close to God, we invite you to try out Christ the King Lutheran church this Sunday. We pray God will bless us together,and we think you will come back again.

See what church can be! Christ the King Lutheran is sacramental in focus, alive in Spirit, centered in Christ, embracing our youth as the future of the Church.


About the Pastor (Pr. Schultz on the left - son Jordan is Acolyte - Pr. Sullivan Guest Preacher on the right)

Rev. Thomas John Schultz, native to Wisconsin (Lake Mills; Merrill).  Graduate of Northwestern Preparatory School, Northwestern College, Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary (1989).  Vicar, Saint Matthew Church, Oconomowoc, WI; Senior Vicar, Mount Calvary Church, Waukesha, WI.  Ordained in 1989 at Martin Luther Church, Neenah, WI.  Rev. Jonathon Voss, presiding.  Pastor at Neenah until 1993.  Pastor at Gethsemane Lutheran, Davenport, IA, 1993-97.  Pastor at Christ the King in Palatine, 1997-Present.  Pastor Schultz is a widower, as his dear wife of 23 years Valerie (nee Vincent) was taken to Heaven in December 2013.  
Pr. and Valerie have been  blessed with 3 children, Abigail, Jordan and Eden.  

His interests include German language and music, Gardening, Brewers, Packers, Bucks, Volkswagens, adopting cats, US and Church History.   Favorite Psalm, 116.  

FAMILY UPDATE:  Miss Jennifer Gan and Rev. Thomas Schultz were married at Christ the King on 25 November, 2017.  Rev. Jack Kelly, presiding.  Pastor and Mrs. Schultz reside in the parsonage, 650 S Brockway St, Palatine, IL 60067.  847-963-0135.